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The AYNI FUND’s mission is to sponsor, educate and spread the highly successful recovery model of the Sanctuary at Sedona.


From a Vicious to Virtuous Cycle


The Ayni Fund borrows its name from the indigenous tradition of the Peruvian Andes, where practicing Ayni reflects the interrelated nature of the world we share. We are a 501(C)3 that financially supports people in need of breaking the vicious cycle of addiction – for good – through customized programs at The Sanctuary; a pioneering integrative recovery and trauma healing center located outside Sedona, Arizona. We are a community of alumni who experienced, first-hand, the life-changing transformation facilitated by The Sanctuary. We believe this new paradigm needs to be shared as widely as possible to foster health and cultural change.

The Andean concept of Ayni is synonymous with reciprocity and the virtuous cycle of giving and receiving that sustains all life. Within this worldview, the health of the individual is inseparable from the health of the community.

Why Support Ayni


The Sanctuary at Sedona



The Sanctuary’s Integrative Addiction RecoveryTM program is a trailblazing model in the field of rehabilitation. It is truly holistic, meaning the root causes of addiction are addressed at multiple levels; the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. We believe treating these dimensions as interconnected, rather than separate, is the basis for lasting recovery. The Sanctuary model combines holistic therapies and evidence-based neuroscience to shift the neural networks in the brain responsible for addiction, while simultaneously cultivating a sense of belonging and life purpose. This full-spectrum approach has yielded unprecedented results.


Located in a beautiful, natural setting, The Sanctuary at Sedona is an integrative 30-day residential facility that offers a high staff to patient ratio allowing for customized, one-on-one treatment. This intimate and private environment is conducive for an in-depth recovery process that aims to resolve the root cause of addiction. Learn more how you can support an individual on their life-changing path of recovery.

Shifting the paradigm of “recovery” around the world with a proven integrated, holistic solution.


Answering the Community Call


The Ayni Fund is a conduit for sponsors, alumni and fundraisers to support those suffering from addiction, but without sufficient funding, to experience the grace of a full and sustainable recovery facilitated by The Sanctuary. We launched in response to requests by The Sanctuary community for a financial avenue to reciprocate; to reach out to someone standing where you or a loved one may have once stood. The ripple effects of such selfless giving are profound and immeasurable.


The Ayni Fund receives generous support in numerous ways. Typically, proceeds from donations are used to sponsor individuals in The Sanctuary at Sedona’s 30 day in-patient recovery treatment. The Ayni Fund also accepts non-monetary gifts in the form of service vehicles and other useful items. Please contact us to discuss donation options.

Support Sustainable Addiction Recovery| The Anyi Fund



Transformational Healing Through Integrative Addiction RecoveryTM

Who is the Ayni Fund


Acting locally, thinking globally


For a world in upheaval, there has never been a more pressing time to bridge the gap between personal and collective transformation. The current cultural shaming of ‘addicts’ fails to recognize the role of addiction as a chemical substitute for the emotional and spiritual disconnection so rife in our competitive, fragmented world. The Ayni Fund believes The Sanctuary model champions the science, psychology and spirituality on which it is based for culture-wide applications and will shift the way society perceives addiction. Discover how you can make a meaningful impact on the life of an individual and thereby the world we live in.


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